Mix of Youth and Experience At Soca Royale Semifinals



Things are shaping up for the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch semifinals, which feature a range of ages and experience.


This morning, the 16 artistes in each competition drew positions for their order of appearance on Phenomenal Friday, July 7, at Kensington Oval.


The Sweet Soca competition lineup has many names well known to competition, such as Red Plastic Bag, TC, Mistah Dale, Mr Blood and Lil Rick. Meanwhile, there are more fresh faces in the Party Monarch competition, such as 19-year-old Saffiyah, who previously had a short stint with Krosfyah.


Party Monarch semifinalists after drawing positions for Phenomenal Friday. (PHOTO: Richard Grimes)


Veteran balladeer, Shirley Stewart, is into the Sweet Soca semifinals for the first time and noted that nothing beats experience.


Stewart, who celebrated his 64th birthday earlier this month, said, “I’ve been singing for more than 40 years so I’ll be bringing all my experience to the stage. I was here before computers, but I’m still here and doing quite well – I feel good! I love hanging out with young people – they give me inspiration.”


While some often dread performing in position number one, Marvay believes he has the ‘Antidote’, telling Loop News, “I’m feeling good…I’m excited to see how I present the song.”


For Shaquille, who is performing at position number 9, it is his second time reaching the Sweet Soca semifinal stage and he is feeling confident with his track, ‘Collateral’.


He told Loop News, “The feedback I’ve got on this song is incredible. I feel kind of nervous but still, I’m confident in myself and the song and how it’s been doing.”


He added, “I intend to perform the life out of this song so hopefully everything goes in my favour at the end of the night.”

The lineup for the Soca Royale semifinals is as follows:



1 – Damian Marvay

2 – RPB

3 – Faith

4 – Statement

5 – Nikita

6 – TC

7 – Natahlee

8 – Sanctuary

9 – Shaquille

10 – Shirley Stewart

11 – Kirk Brown

12 – Mistah Dale

13 – Fadda Fox

14 – Blood

15 – Lil Rick

16 – Marzille

Reserve – Mikey



1 – Queen T

2 – Peter Ram

3 – Jahm-R

4 – Scribz

5 – Gorg

6 – Mikey

7 – Saffiyah

8 – Mistah Dale

9 – Sim Simma

10 – Kirk Brown

11 – Faith

12 – Ras Iley & Grynner

13 – Ramases

14 – NikMan

15 – Holla Bak

16 – Mr Blood

Reserve – N/A