Three Men Officially Charged In Mac Miller’s Drug Overdose

October 4, 2019

Three men have been indicted in connection to Mac Millers deadly overdose.

Federal prosecutors announced on Wednesday (October 2) that Cameron PettitStephen Walter, and Ryan Reavis were charged with providing the drugs that killed the 26-year-old rapper in September 2018, Rolling Stone reports.

While the three men were previously hit with various charges when they were arrested last month, a rep from the United States Attorney’s Office told the outlet that their recent indictment differs. “The indictment contains two counts that accuse the men of being responsible for Mac Miller’s death — a conspiracy count and the narcotics distribution charge. Previously, Pettit and Miller were charged with distributing narcotics, and now the indictment alleges that their conduct resulted in a death,” the rep explained.

According to legal documents, prosecutors believe the men allegedly sold Miller counterfeit oxycodone containing fentanyl just days before his death. The “Self Care” rapper, born Malcolm James McCormick, was found dead in his San Fernando Valley home on September 7, 2018 from an apparent overdose. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office later confirmed that he died from “mixed drug toxicity”— specifically fentanyl and cocaine.

The indictment claims that on or about September 4th, 2018, Miller contacted Pettit asking for Percocet (“10 blue pills”). Petit then contacted Walter, who said he’d send a “runner,” who was allegedly Reavis, to deliver the 10 pills. Reavis is said to have then met Pettit and allegedly handed over the pills. On September 5th, Pettit allegedly sold the pills — which actually contained fentanyl — to Miller, along with cocaine and Xanax, RS reports. (To note, a synthetic opioid is said to be 50 times more potent than heroin.)

After Miller’s death, the indictment claims that the three men continued to traffic drugs. The indictment additionally includes alleged text message from Reavis to an unindicted co-conspirator in which he wrote, “People have been dying from fake blues left and right, you better believe law enforcement is using informants and undercover to buy them on the street [so] they can start putting ppl in prison for life for selling fake pills.”

According to the AP, Pettit, and Walter are scheduled to be arraigned on October 10. Reavis, who was arrested last week, does not have an arraignment date yet.

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