October 2, 2020

This is a TRUE Eminem fan! 

According to reports, a stan, Nikki Patterson from Aberdeen, Scotland, broke a new record. Nikki proved that she’s Eminem’s number one fan after having 16 tattoos of just his face on her body. She has 12 other tats that are Eminem related, making a total of 28. 

Nikki has them located all over her body, like her arms, legs, chest, and fingers. She even goes by the Instagram name, “crazy Eminem lady.” In one of the captions on her account, she said how Em’s music got her through a difficult time.

“All I know is you came to me when I was at my lowest, You picked me up, breathed new life in me, I owe my life to you. But for the life of me I don’t see why you don’t see like I do.”

Nikki was also featured on BBC, take a look:

She is now 35 and got her first tattoo of the OG rapper at 19. XXL reports she saw him perform live, it’s not clear if she met him in person. 

Source HOT97

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