Fat Joe Tells Ashanti Who Was Almost On ‘What’s Luv?’ Instead Of Her

May 18, 2020

Did know this?

Ashanti almost didn’t make the cut for Fat Joe’s hit single, What’s Luv. Fat Joe spilled the beans while on Instagram live with the princess of R&B, Ashanti.

“Irv and Ja had called me, and they woke me up [at] like 3 in the morning, and they say, ‘Yo, come down, we made a song for you,” he recalls. “I go to the studio, it was like 4 in the morning. They played ‘What’s Luv?’ and you on it. And they was telling me, ‘Yo, this is for you and J. Lo. We want the Latinos on this.”

Joe was in awe at Ashanti’s vocals, and felt she deserved to be on the record.  “I was like, yo, J. Lo? She [Ashanti] sound amazing on here. I was like, ‘Nah, we leaving her there.’”

Joe shared that Irv and Ja wanted to make the song “for the Latino’s.”

It looks like they made the right decision by putting Ashanti on it. The song went to #2 on the Billboard hot 100 charts, and stayed for 20 weeks.

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