Iggy Azalea Almost Unrecognizable After Completely Switching Up Her Hair

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June 3, 2021

Iggy Azalea is channeling Jessica Rabbit, and fans are loving it.

Iggy is rocking a whole new look, completely different from her long blonde tresses. The rapper shared her new look via Instagram,  rocking her new long red curls. Fans couldn’t help but to notice that she looked identical to famous sex symbol Jessica Rabbit as she showed off her purple eyeshadow, and a dark red lip.

She captions the video, “I’m not bad – I’m just drawn that way… feeling hype and nervous as hell all day long. Cant really believe my fragrance company launches tomorrow, never kept a secret so long in my life lmaoooo”

Would you like to see Iggy try more styles? The red looks fire for sure!

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