Kevin Hart Shares Hilarious Story Involving Beyoncé and Jay Z

April 1, 2020

Comedian Kevin Hart is doing his part by adding some joy to the world with the sharing of funny/embarrassing moments that took place in his career.

He titled the story “Confessions From The Hart. A Sticky Situation,” and detailed an experience he had with Beyoncé and Jay Z. During All-Star Weekend, Kev, Jay and Bey were all at the same nightclub together. Jay and Bey was in a section and invited Kev over.

Kev shares that Jay asked him if he wanted a drink, and because the section was packed- Kev reached over and spilled an entire canister of pineapple juice. Unbeknownst to him, Beyoncé was at the other end of the pineapple juice, and it spilled all over her shoes.

Check out the funny story below, see how Kev tried to fix the situation.

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