Designed with the aim of satisfying the musical needs of a young and vibrant audience, SLAM 101 stands atop all on the Barbadian FM dial.

Established in 2010, SLAM 101’s commitment to consistency and audio excellence remains unmatched.

Focusing on our target audience of the 15-35-year-old, SLAM’s diverse musical format and energetic personalities, entertain whilst being informative yet still “BANGIN THE HITS”.

SLAM 101 will remain committed to upholding the highest standard possible with radio in Barbados.

We invite you to relax, enjoy and listen to our entertainingly modern format of radio and we eagerly anticipate entertaining your every day. On behalf of our entire team we sincerely hope that you enjoy Barbados’ best radio station as we dedicate SLAM FM to YOU.

Slam 101.1FM Live

Banging The Hits

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