You Know I Is A Man | Taste It and Tell
If Better Can't Be Done, Let Worse C
Chutney Baccanal! | Taste It and Tell Me
Cool Like a Fool in a Pool | Taste It an
The Man Ain't Even Put Lil Pita Pata
You Trick Me! | Taste It and Tell Me | S
Zen Speaks on Dancehall in Barbados Whil
I Ain't No Malandro No More | Taste
You Is Something Else! | Taste It and Te
Somebody Set Me Up! | Taste It and Tell
Conkies Can't Beat Me... | Cookin
If You Didn't Know, Now Yuh Know! |
The Man Ask Me Dat Question!? | Taste It
My Teeth Hurtin' Bruv! | Taste It an
Oh God! That Did Taste Good! | Taste It
Doa Ketch Seizure in Hay Enno! | Taste I

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