February 12, 2023

50 Cent says Cardi B’s come up is the true example of the American dream.

During a recent interview, 50 spoke about current artist and how he feels theirs a lack of artist development. Yet, when it comes to Cardi B- he was excited about her come up. “When Cardi came it was dope because she’s from the bottom…Brooklyn…from that and you actually go make a hit record, I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t like to see that.”

The music mogul continued, “It felt like she got everything that year. Got married, got the baby. Everything really fast; it came and I’m like ‘that’s what the culture needs for people to see the dream happen’, that’s the American Dream right there.”

Later in the interview, 50 expressed his thoughts on how social media makes it easy for newer artists to feel like they’ve “made it.” He explains, “artist feel like they made it when they got the deal. Because you had to earn the right to have the deal, everybody’s in the business.”

He continues, “If you got a microphone connected to his laptop and he got a beat from Youtube and he paid for the beat and he recorded his song last night and it’s on iTunes now, he’s in the music business. They meet the audience before they meet the record company now, so there’s no artist development…that’s why you don’t see many groups.”

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