Cuba Gooding JR. Addresses Allegations Made Against Him In Diddy Lawsuit

May 13, 2024

Cuba Gooding Jr. addresses the allegations made against him in a lawsuit against Diddy.

While on the PBD Podcast published on Wednesday (May 8), the actor spoke about the case and being named in the lawsuit.

“I think whatever [Diddy’s] dealing with, he’s on his journey, man,” he began. “I think that God has got him on a path where— I can’t imagine that he’s stupid enough to do whatever he’s doing and keep it on his premises. I think that the raid and all of that stuff, only time will tell – who was involved, who had been a frequent guest in these places and areas.”

He continued: “It’s funny because my lawyers said, y’know, ‘Every outlet in the world wants to talk to you,’ and again, I’m like, ‘I’m not defining myself from some headline in the press,’ so I stay quiet.”

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