Kanye West Reconciles With Kai Cenat After Yeezy Merch Dispute

April 29, 2024

Kanye West and Kai Cenat have patched up their differences after a rift sparked by criticisms over Yeezy merchandise. Ye rectified the situation by sending Cenat replacement items when the initial batch turned out to be oversized. Cenat, known for his Twitch streams, conducted a live unveiling of the new clothing on Sunday evening.

Despite their past disagreements, Cenat began the session with a nod to transparency, likening his forthcoming assessment to the honesty of TikTok sensation Keith Lee. However, the unveiling encountered an awkward moment as the pants slid to the floor upon trying them on. After hastily readjusting and securing them with the drawstring, Cenat expressed relief as the new Yeezy pants finally seemed to fit.

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