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Kendrick Lamar’s “Euphoria” left quite the impression with the Toronto-based Chinese restaurant, New Ho King, so much so that they dedicated a special menu item to him. On Friday (May 10), a TikTok video circulated online where the user detailed his experience at the restaurant since Lamar name-dropped the popular eatery. Judging by the video, New […]

Cuba Gooding Jr. addresses the allegations made against him in a lawsuit against Diddy. While on the PBD Podcast published on Wednesday (May 8), the actor spoke about the case and being named in the lawsuit. “I think whatever [Diddy’s] dealing with, he’s on his journey, man,” he began. “I think that God has got him on […]

Kanye West and Kai Cenat have patched up their differences after a rift sparked by criticisms over Yeezy merchandise. Ye rectified the situation by sending Cenat replacement items when the initial batch turned out to be oversized. Cenat, known for his Twitch streams, conducted a live unveiling of the new clothing on Sunday evening. Despite their past disagreements, […]

Suge Knight expressed support for a former rival, Diddy, amid his ongoing sexual assault allegations. In the recently dropped Tubi documentary TMZ Presents: The Downfall of Diddy, the incarcerated co-founder of Death Row Records shared his thoughts on the embattled mogul’s legal woes, showcasing a surprising moment of empathy from behind bars. “My first reaction, it’s […]

Janet Jackson as a superhero? The iconic performer discloses that she once contended with Halle Berry for the role of Storm in the X-Men franchise. On Friday (April 26) the Grammy-winning singer stopped by The Drew Barrymore Show where she revealed she was this close to being the weather goddess herself, Storm, in Marvel’s X-Men movies. Inquiring about a late 1990s photo […]

April 22, 2024
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Elephant Man reveals he has 38 children. During a recent Instagram live session the dancehall star explains, “I have 38 pickney; start from mi a 17,” the Pon Di River hitmaker said. “Mi might ugly and all of that, but the gyal dem like mi bandy legs… ‘Member a me climb and jump off a di something dem and the […]

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are actively involved in each other’s upcoming albums, collaborating as unofficial A&Rs to select standout tracks for their respective projects. Rihanna shared insights during the launch of her FENTY x Puma Creeper Phatty Earth Tone sneaker, revealing her excitement about her ninth album and the creative process with Rocky. Regarding her album, […]

The Final Boss breaks a new record. The Guinness World Records announced that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 51, had become the most followed actor on TikTok on Wednesday (April 17). To claim the top spot, the most electrifying man in entertainment lays the smackdown on the former title holder, Will Smith, 55, who had held the title since 2022.  […]

Eminem has issued an open call for his fans to share their stories for a documentary he’s working on. The premise centers on the highlighting stan culture. It’s also a nod to his famous song, “Stan,” which appeared on his The Marshall Mathers LP. Over time, the term has been applied to overzealous fans who target anyone […]

Competition is a firm pillar of hip-hop. Years before Tupac and Biggie or Jay-Z and Nas ever traded lyrical blows on iconic diss tracks, DJs squared off at legendary block parties. Break dancers battled out in competitive cyphers. MCs exchanged fiery bars in battle raps onstage.Those traditions laid the cornerstone for a genre that continues […]

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