Cardi B Says the ‘B’ Stands For ‘Business’ When It Comes to Whipshots: ‘I Wanted This to Be Big’

February 18, 2022

If you haven’t noticed by now, when Cardi B goes in on something, she goes all the way in. Take, for instance, her recent move into the alcohol space with the vodka-infused whipped cream product Whipshots. While many MC’s are in the booze game, Cardi said her approach was the same winning one she takes in the recording studio.

“I feel like if it was just mediocre, people would just be like, ‘ah, whatever.’ Things are always going to sell when you have hardcore fans, but I wanted this to be big,” Cardi told Complex. “Like, bigger than life and that is always the goal. So I believe in my product. I love my product. It’s delicious and it’s very strong. And I feel like everybody keeps giving me positive feedback.”

She also happily offered up some sage advice on how to enjoy her unique confection, saying it’s meant to be a “party starter,” not necessarily a dessert. “I wanted something that is like, when I’m in Miami, I start giving [out] these Whipshots on a yacht and all of these girls start having fun. [Or] when I’m in my grandmother’s house and we try to get the party lit because my family likes to have a good time. That’s what I was thinking of,” she said.

Cardi got a chance to plug her boozy shots at last weekend’s Super Bowl LVI, when she made a cameo in Lil Dicky‘s “Gopuff Quartertime Show,” telling the site that she really enjoyed working with the comedic rapper. “I did not know that man was so funny,” she said of the Dave star.

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