Diddy & Former Bad Boy Rapper Shyne Finally Reunite, Diddy Gives Shyne His Flowers!

August 30, 2021

Bad boys for life!

Former Bad Boy rapper Shyne and Diddy met face to face for the first time in years, Hot New Hip Hop reports. They linked up on Wednesday (August 25), and in a video, Diddy said, 

“I’m in my bag right now, crazy, I got my brother here.” Then he proceeded to put the camera on Shyne, and “said, The leader of the opposition in Belize, my brother Shyne.” Take a look:

Last week, Diddy assisted Shyne, who goes by Moses Barrow, returning to the United States as a diplomat. Shyne now serves as a member of the Belizean House of Representatives and the opposition party leader. 

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